Accordionist & Entertainer

On July 25th, 2010, Johnny will host his "50th Anniversary Celebration" which will reunite all of your favorite performers throughout the past 50 years with Johnny. Click here for video of event.

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Johnny Ray Gomez joins "KMTV" The Morning Blend, to talk about the 50th Anniversary Show!
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JRG 50 Years Reunion Show

Johnny Ray Gomez 50th Anniversary Reunion
Holiday Inn Convention Center
3321 S 72nd Grover Street ▪ Omaha, Nebraska 68124 ▪ (402) 393-3950

July 25, 2010  from 3pm-7pm

Johnny Ray Gomez Contact Information:
Home Phone #:402-965-9873 Cell Phone #:402-651-4598

Celebrating 1960 to 2010!

Johnny Ray Gomez - MC playing the new Roland Digital V-Accordion.

$25 per person at ANTHONY'S 72nd "F" St. Omaha ▪ $30 per person at the HOLIDAY INN  DAY OF SHOW 
$250. for a RESERVED table of 10

The Johnny Ray Gomez Reunion is a chance to see 40 of the most fantastic performers from the 1960’s to present day. I have been both lucky and fortunate to share the stage with all of these great men and women. These entertainers will be coming from the Omaha area as well as Arkansas, Nevada, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, Missouri and Oklahoma.

The entertainer’s talents range from Impersonations of Elvis, Wayne Newton, Donald Duck and many more. Novelty acts, dancers and singers. You will see the artistry of drummers, guitarists, saxophonists, wind instruments, bass guitar,  baton twirler, belly dancer and the very best of male and female vocalists. These performers are crowd pleasers and great impersonators. The Johnny Ray Gomez Reunion will be a once in a lifetime event and I am so happy to have each and every one of them as part of my life. I am proud to call them all, my friends. Without them this event would not be possible.

Some of the other acts that will perform are the Merrymakers Variety Show and also my family. I am blessed to have my four brothers, my three children and my mother and father as part of this event.  AND YES, THE LARGE DANCE FLOOR WILL BE OPEN.

Below describes the range of talent of these individuals. (List subject to change.)

Nikki Anderson, Arkansas
Sherry Brummett, Missouri
Lonnie Green, Illinois
Lydia Edwards
Mary Link
Brenda Allen
Marsha Kaye
Julie Swanson
Shannon Ringstad Jones
Margie Ford Nuncio, Arizona
Angela Edwards

Mel Daley, Colorado
Joe Cohan, Nevada
Larry Gomez
Terry Edwards
Larry Ringstad
Reuben Adkins, Lincoln, Ne
Tom Gomez
Teddy Grable
Chad Lee
Keith Wilson, Persia, Ia
Gunnar Guenette

Mike Petersen, Illinois
Bill Wakefield
Dan Gilpatrick
Don Ralph (YES) Memphis, Tn
Tony Gomez
John Rodelander
Dave Mathies
Charlie Glasgow

Fred Scott
John Carlotto

Mary Link
Lyle Yates

Bob Ford
Johnny Ray Gomez, Jr.
Scott Gaeta
Jerry Gomez
Dan Gomez
Julie Swanson

Terry Edwards (Impersonations)
Bill Parks - ( Elvis)
Diane Tangeman Heller (Baton Twirler)
Julie Dall ( Belly Dancer)
Angela Edwards - (Impersonator)

Joe Taylor
Kim Eames
Joyce Torchia
Michael Lyon
Billy Troy
Charlie Glasgow

    * indicates a member that is still trying to be located/contacted
   A portion of proceeds from this event will be given to
   the Edward "Babe" Gomez Scholarship Fund and The Merrymakers Association.

   If you are interested in being a sponsor for the 50th Anniversary Reunion, please contact Johnny Ray Gomez

Here’s how it all started!

I was born into a musical family and started taking music lessons at the age of 9. I begged my parents to let me take lessons from the famous Johnny Swoboda and promised my parents I would practice an hour a day. The rest is history!

I have been playing professionally since the age of 16, when I formed a combo called the U-Neeks. We played high school dances.

When I was 21, I was chosen to host “Channel 7 Dancestand” a show that mirrored “American Bandstand.” This show taught me to ad lib and also how to get the audience involved. One of my favorite memories is my interview with The Rolling Stones!

After my time on “Dancestand”, I formed an eight-piece group, the Johnny Ray Gomez Revue and started playing casinos all over Nevada. Those were fun days! But coming back to Omaha was a decision I have never regretted.

The years have gone by so quickly since then but my life has been a happy one. A great family and wonderful friends!

Yours, JRG