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ENDORCED BY ROLAND V ACCORDIONS ----  Johnny Ray, I was in attendance at your concert tonight in Horton, KS. It was TREMENDOUS...... You have a GOD given talent to PLAY YOUR ROLAND V  ACCORDION and sing for an hour and a half with such force and tenderness and color. And then you added so much with your personal attributes as a COMIC entertainer. I particularly appreciated your love for God in your Final numbers. I am proud to have you as a top-notch performer from Nebraska. Tracy B., Auburn, NE

Here’s how it all started!

I was born into a musical family and started taking music lessons at the age of 9. I begged my parents to let me take lessons from the famous Johnny Swoboda and promised my parents I would practice an hour a day. The rest is history!

I have been playing professionally since the age of 16, when I formed a combo called the U-Neeks. We played high school dances.

When I was 21, I was chosen to host “Channel 7 Dancestand” a show that mirrored “American Bandstand.” This show taught me to ad lib and also how to get the audience involved. One of my favorite memories is my interview with The Rolling Stones!

After my time on “Dancestand”, I formed an eight-piece group, the Johnny Ray Gomez Revue and started playing casinos all over Nevada. Those were fun days! But coming back to Omaha was a decision I have never regretted.

The years have gone by so quickly since then but my life has been a happy one. A great family and wonderful friends!

Yours, JRG